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Imagine a church that would go to any length to tell a person God loves them and has a plan for their life.

Imagine a church that is radically committed to living out the heart of God in Butler County and around the world.

That’s Cobblestone Christian. 

Whether you’re spiritually restless, discontent, new at discovering who God is, or a veteran of the faith, you’re welcome here.


10:00- Refreshments

10:30 - Gathering

Contemporary Music

Relevant Messages

Genuine Community

The Weekend Experience

We know walking through the doors of a new church for the first time

is enough to send most people over the edge. Don’t worry. We’ve been

there and know that taking that first step is a big deal and can feel a

little awkward. We believe that God really cares about people, so we

try to go out of our way to make sure that your first experience

is the absolute best it can be.

1221 Sterling Dr - Poplar Bluff

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Cobblestone Christian

Tell Us Your Story

Every person has a name.

Every name has a story.

Every story is important to God.

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