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Our Story




For many years, there has been a need for a new church in Stoddard County where only 32% of residents say they are connected to a church. It is out of this great need that Mile City Christian is born.

M.O.V.E. is an organization that starts new churches throughout the State of Missouri. The churches M.O.V.E. starts are mainstream Christian, but are not formally affiliated with any denominations. Instead, they are independent communities of faith following the Bible with the simple mission of connecting their cities to Jesus.

For years, M.O.V.E. had desired to start a church in Stoddard County. This has been the prayer, to launch a high impact church that would spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout all of Southeast Missouri. Through a partnership of churches throughout the State, this prayer is now becoming a reality. 


In January 2017, Rachel Kleeman began praying for a new adventure. While she had mentioned her prayer many times to her husband, Pastor Darin, no one in the Kleeman household thought through the implications of such a request! This prayer transitioned from a personal prayer, to a family passion. Throughout 2017, the Kleemans had a growing desire to place themselves in a situation where they could win as many souls to Christ as possible.

During Thanksgiving weekend of 2017, the Director of M.O.V.E., Mark Kummer, met Darin and Rachel in Dexter to discuss the dream of a new church. It was an exciting meeting and the Kleemans left feeling confident that they had finally found their adventure.

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